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Hello. Thank you for stopping by my site. This is a place for me to start writing down the things that happen in my life, and which may affect someone else in the wider world. It is time for me to stop being a consumer, and to become a creator.

The name stems from the fact that most of what I’ve learned has come from my innumerable failures, so this site is a testament to those who fear failure – failure is not the enemy! People who are afraid of failure, are the enemy. Specifically those who are in management positions over you. I am fortunate to work for a person who not only expects failure, but believes that failures make us better people. We learn more through failing than we do through getting everything right on the first go. And I feel it’s a much more challenging ride!

So, this site is _my_ failure as well. It’s taken me YEARS to get to the point where I am now able to write and put this stuff up online. I do not crave attention, nor do I like being overly social – just ask my friends. But I do like sharing and learning, and failing in ever more inventive ways. I guess it’s time I do so in my writing.

Drop me a line and say hi, or hit me up on Twitter @braynyac – I may even reply back!